Guten Ye
JavaScript, Linux and Go
Guten is a programmer, hacker and open source enthusiast. He is also a senior Javascript developer with 5 years of experience working on the web, core developer of SortableJS. He masters frameworks like React, React Native, Angular, Polymer, etc
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I Master All Kinds Of Technologies
- Web, Node, Mobile, Desktop, Chrome Apps, etc
- JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Python, etc
- React, React Native, Angular, Polymer, Meteor, etc
- Express, Sails, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, etc
- TDD, BDD, Selenium, Karama, etc
- Arch Linux, Vim, Atom
- GitHub, Open Source work flow
I Open Source Projects On GitHub
In my freetime, I also use other programming languages for native development, such as Vala for GNOME, QML for Ubuntu, Swift for Mac, etc
sails-rethinkdbJavaScriptA RethinkDB adapter for Sails
gutbackupShellThe simplest way to backup Linux system
optimismRubyA configuration library
gem.vimVimLA project helper
aliyundnsGoUpdate Aliyun DDNS record from OpenWRT
Coding Is My Favourite Hobby
When I learn something new, I always organize all information into notes, my note of web development is 14504 lines, including topcis JavaScript, Node, HTML, CSS, Web APIs, etc
I use Arch Linux for development and Macbook Pro for design. I also use a lot of terminals and commands. I have been using Linux for 6 years. Affected by Linux, I love Open Source and hacker culture.
I use Vim and Atom for writting code, keep modular code, good documentation and test.